The MAYA Design Project is one that is both challenging to construct and appealing to the eye. From the first step on the site, guests are pulled to see more as the warm and relaxed environment that was created urges you to see the entire office location. The space features three signature cylindrical meeting rooms, as well as a few flexible meeting rooms. The cylindrical rooms are fascinating to study but I shudder to think of the challenges that Busse’s team must have encountered when installing the arcing, sliding doors. The Busse team’s attention to detail on this project is truly remarkable.
— Ray Vogel, Former Training Director, Greater Pennsylvania Regional Council of Carpenters, (MAYA Design)

The building turned out better than I ever could have imagined; it certainly exceeded the membership’s expectations.
— Jack Ramage, Executive Director, Master Builders' Association, (MBA Headquarters)

F. J. Busse’s workers performed their construction with extreme caution and precision such that, quite literally, no square inch of the archaeological site was disturbed in any way. Above and beyond their incredible attention to detail was the quality of construction itself… No design is any better than the builder is capable of rendering, and in this particular instance, F. J. Busse Company has rendered the design into an unparalleled edifice.
— J. M. Adovasio, PhD., D.Sc., Former Director of Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, (Meadowcroft Rockshelter Enclosure)

The care and attention of the F.J. Busse team ensured a well orchestrated construction sequence without negative impact on a very delicate and globally significant archaeological site. I don’t think I could be more satisfied with the result.
— David R. Scofield, Director of Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Museum of Rural Life, (Meadowcroft Rockshelter Enclosure)

The Busse Company understood and accepted the delicate nature that would be required throughout the construction, and from John Paul Busse on down to each and every craftsman a careful concern was exercised and a pride of accomplishment exuded by all.
— Henry Nutbrown, Port Authority of Allegheny County, (Meadowcroft Rockshelter Enclosure)

F.J. Busse Company Inc. provided the best on site supervision and office support of any project in recent memory in which we have been involved. The assembled team provided tremendous and invaluable insight throughout the duration of the project… Very specific gratitude should go to Joe Zielonka, superintendent for F.J. Busse and John Paul Busse for their unrelenting drive to satisfy their customer with a unique systematic approach to the building’s construction.
— Mark E. Seech, President, SEECH INDUSTRIES INC., (Meadowcroft Rockshelter Enclosure)

F. J. Busse Company demonstrated quality, integrity, craftsmanship, teamwork, and flexibility on our project… I cannot say enough about F. J. Busse and how lucky we were to have them on this project.
— Del F. Walker, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Builders' Exchange, (Pittsburgh Builders' Exchange)

Repeatedly, during the pricing and throughout construction, working as a team member to maintain the tight budget and schedule they showed their dedication to the Owner’s satisfaction. Their commitment to excellence on this project contributed a great deal to the success of this project, as they continually reviewed the opportunities that presented themselves during construction to save cost and improve the aesthetics of the project… F.J. Busse Company brought a history of craftsmanship, skill and dedication to this project and we look forward to future projects with them.
— David E. Noss, Vice President, Ruprecht Schroeder Hoffman Architects, (Pittsburgh Builders' Exchange)

The F.J. Busse Company went above and beyond the contract requirements to make sure that this project was completed on time and caused the least disruption to the Patron at the Hotel. Because of their efforts, this project was a success.
— Michael Hilton, Senior Project Director, Hilton Hotel, (Hilton Pittsburgh Ballroom)

F.J. Busse came into our hotel sharing the same vision as the hotel, guest service… Understanding your customer needs and making them your priority is where F.J. Busse cannot be matched. I can only hope to employ individuals that display the same commitment to customer service as the F.J. Busse Company demonstrated.
— Joe Bolash, Former Director of Rooms, Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh, (Hilton Pittsburgh Ballroom)